Mary Ann Wilson

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Qualifications: Registered Nurse with clinical specialization in rehabilitation, post-polio care, and geriatrics. Certified by ACE. Member of the American Society on Aging, the Society for Public Health Education, and the National Council on Aging. Also serves on the National Advisory Board for the American Senior Fitness Association.

Personal History: With my nursing background, it was natural for me to enter the fitness arena after benefiting from exercise classes myself. I initially taught aerobics and noticed that, for older class participants, it was often too much for them. I developed the SIT AND BE FIT chair exercise program to meet the needs of these students. I used the program myself to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and continue to be very busy with 'Sit and Be Fit.'

Workout Philosophy: My philosophy centers around 4 exercise basics: Breathing, Posture, Balancing out the Body, and Functional Fitness. It is essential for quality living and to stay independent.

Success Story: Jesse was 49 when he became paralyzed after a garage door fell on his head. After 2 major surgeries to repair his neck, he was lying in his hospital bed watching 'Sit and Be Fit' on television. I was doing finger exercises and Jesse had a spontaneous animation. Within a few days, he was moving much more of his body. After a great deal of hard work, two years later, Jesse is able to walk on the beach with forearm crutches.


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