If You Want to Live, Move! Putting the Boom Back into Boomers (E-book)

Jaime Brenkus

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Hello, Boomers! We’re dedicating this book to you so you can get that old “boom” back. With over 100 years of fitness and nutrition experience combined, we knew as we rounded the corner to another year and another phase of our lives, we needed to write this book, "If You Want to Live, Move!" and share our best secrets and tips with our fellow boomers (and seniors!). We‘re keyed-up to show how you, too, can enjoy abundant strength, energy, flexibility and endurance to live a long, productive life which you richly deserve. We feel you are holding in your hands a prescription for ageless energy and timeless health. 

We are fitness and nutrition professionals. As good fortune would have it, we stumbled upon the secret many, many years ago (it’s not really a secret, as you will learn) of living a life of vitality, optimism and prime physical health. 

One of us was born in 1926, and the other was born in 1961. 

One of us lives on the west coast and one in the Midwest. 

One of us is a woman, one of us, a man. 

One, a senior (from the greatest generation that ever lived), one a boomer. 

On the surface, it appears we don’t have much in common.

In fact, we have a lot in common; the most important is this: We both have a passion for teaching others the right way to live fuller, richer lives! You could say we both ‘talk the talk’ and ‘walk the walk’. So, let us talk to you about a new beginning and walk you through it! This book is about how to dig deep to create more energy, immense joy and better health. 

It explores the intersection of fitness and aging, and ultimately answers these two questions: Is there a secret magic potion for living longer? (yes and no) Which is most important, diet or exercise, for feeling younger and being healthier? (both) 

We put our brains together to come up with a plan for changing your life for the better. 

In this book, you’ll learn easy, effective ways to deal with difficult challenges we all face as we climb over the next hill, including low energy, increasing weight and sagging skin, achy bones and joints, irritability, and melancholy. 

But our main focus will be on showing you how moving your body and eating high-value foods will increase the odds that you ride into your golden years with energy and vitality. 

You don’t need a background in anatomy or physiology to use this book. It simply weaves together information that we’ve learned over the course of our lives, and you can choose the tools presented here that work best for you. 

The mind and body are fascinating subjects, but we haven’t attempted to be comprehensive here. Rather, we focused on simple methods that have had an effect on our clients over the years. Different things work for different people, so choose the exercises and tips that work best for you.

A word of caution, please seek advice from a medical professional before you begin any new exercise regimen or diet.

Finally, if we know one thing for sure, it's that making small changes consistently will lead to big changes in your body and your experience of daily living.

Remember this, when you change your habits, you change your life.

"If You Want to Live, Move!" is an update simplified program that empowers you to take the right action each day on a consistent basis so you can realize the rich rewards that are rightfully yours – energy, strength, and renewed health.

This book is designed so that you can quickly access the nuts and bolts of our program and get right to it.

We have laid out this book to be an easy (and illuminating) read. If you need more information and motivation, we have included additional resources for that as well.

Plus, we are here to help you every step of the way. Keep in touch with both of us at www.8minuteworkouts.com.  (E-book - Elaine LaLanne & Jaime Brenkus)

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