Myth Buster: Weight Training

Question: Is it true that I am more likely to injure myself during weight training than during aerobic exercise?

Answer: The only time you are likely to injure yourself doing any kind of exercise (weight training or aerobic) is if you use improper form and/or try to push yourself too hard.

Weight training can actually decrease your risk of injury! The muscles of your body are like shock absorbers taking the pounding that the body gets each day. Stronger muscles can better protect ligaments, tendons, bones and joints from everyday wear and tear.

Here is some news that may persuade you to take up strength training: Studies have shown an effect from weight lifting called 'caloric after-burn'. Muscles that are exercised consume calories for fuel, and it turns out that muscles continue to burn calories even after the exercise is completed. So the more muscle you have, the more calories you are burning even at rest. Muscle, unlike fat, is a very active tissue that requires 50 to 100 calories per day per pound of muscle just to sustain itself. The best fitness results come from combining aerobic exercise and strength training for a strong heart, healthy lungs, low body fat and lots of lean muscle mass.

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