This Week's Ask Gilad: Low Back Stiffness - Best Types of Workouts

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Question:  Hello, Gilad. Thanks for many years of fitness expertise and amazing workouts! I am 58 now, and for the last three years I’ve been feeling stiffness, especially in the lower back. My doctor thinks it’s arthritis. Do you think that I should stick to low impact exercise? I try to incorporate HIIT workouts weekly, but I’m concerned now about joint stress. Thanks for all you do! 


I understand you are experiencing joint pain, I think that for you right now low impact and workouts that stress form and correct execution of movements rather then intensity will be best for you. I think that the HIIT workouts might be to challenging for you at this point. I would also recommend that you look at adding a 'joint pain' supplement, from my personal experience it helps.

I take a product called Number 7 by Solgar and find it helpful.



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